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Najma Hopwood: I’d love to see reviews and ingredients in body shop products and other cruelty free and vegan brands. Especially if they are available in the UK!!

Terry Irwin: People are entitled to each have there own opinion about anything & everything! One of the great things is that we are all different & that is what makes us unique!

Terry Irwin: Jen you definitely don't seem stuck up at all! I think when we are a little reserved women, people assume we are snobby. If you are quiet, it doesn't mean you aren't a very sweet, nice person! Keep speaking your truth!

Lo Chambers: Re skincare I think you can do a before and after esp around your eyes and the lines on your forehead. If you are using oils, moisturisers and products for wrinkles I think you can still do the photos ... but that's my subjective view.

What annoys me about botox and youtubers is that they shove videos down our throats about how to look younger using lotions, potions and make-up. 1 lady had the cheek to tell us all how using creams etc she tightened her forehead, altered hooded eyes and made her chin less lined. Then 2 or 3 videos later telling us about the fillers and botox she got. Now that is wrong and dishonest in my opinion.

Tarrah Ritchie: Just now watching your video. Please keep reviewing Fab Fit Fun. I'm very new to this whole world of sub boxes and youtube beauty, and you are great to watch. I love your in depth ingredient reviews and just how down to earth you are. When I was trying to decide whether to sign up for FFF or not, I started searching for videos on youtube. So many of the ones I came across seemed fake and just shallow. Aside from your channel, there was only one other reviewer I actually enjoyed watching. Youtube needs more "normal" people. Haha. Anyways, I'm brand new to FFF and brand new to your channel, and would love to keep seeing you review their boxes and products.

Miranda Stephens: I cannot stand people who want you respond and say hi to every comment! Its like you realize esp when theres alot of people in chat its goes VERY fast! I was in a livestream the other day a couple commenters was soooo mad and unsubscribed cuz the livestreamer "ignored" their comments.. Like dude! Calm down you do realize sometimes they can be missed right?!!!

candace keefer: I always remember the saying...when you make an ass out of u and me.....

Katya Oh: I'm never going to subscribe to FabFitFun but for some reason, they're one of my favorite videos of yours to watch. I'm always excited when there's a new one. I hope you keep the sponsorship :) But I also get if you want to do other things.

Mommydeb Loves: love these.. always watch late....sorry one day Ill be live ..I agree 100% with you on all these issues..we may be except I am much
.what do you recommend for 4 head wrinkles??? dark spots??

Heather Marshall: I love your fab-fit-fun and boxycharm reviews. I haven't been able to buy the fab-fit-fun box, but I really appreciate your true honesty in every one of those videos

Amanda Q: I think $5 a month for just 2 extra videos is way too expensive. Considering netflix is around $10 a month and think of how much content you get.. kathleen is asking for too much $$$

Kelly Stott: I ordered the Golden Girls palette. SOOOOOO Disappointing. Very chunky glitter

Michiko Wright: In regards to Kathleen-
Kathleen had been very honest and open about her mental health struggles and because of this, she had been posting less and less on her page. For this, I know her fans understood and respected.

But I think what rubbed fans the wrong way was that now it seemed as though she has the time and energy to make content for us... if we pay. Not saying I believe this, I’m just saying it didn’t look the best.

I think if she had kept up a consistent uploading schedule and then was adding this extra feature in, and I think some fans would have had an easier time taking it in.

I won’t address the paying money part in general. Lol. This is more a YT issue I have. Not a Kathleen issue here.

Sus: I just wish that more of the superchat and paid subscriber revenue went to the creators. Right now I think YouTube's cut is 30% for both...which seems quite steep, esp for the superchat. I don't think that YouTube should offer these services for free, but 30%?!? Most credit card processing/PayPal transactions are closer to 3%. Patreon is about 7-15% (which is still quite high). I feel like YouTube is taking advantage of people. I have no issue with the idea of you doing paid subscriptions/superchats, but don't think you should use the YouTube platform interface to do it, since YouTube takes such a high %.

Daisy Martinez: I don't watch the fab fit fun videos anymore because I cancelled my box and I'm afraid of getting FOMO lol

Daisy Martinez: Lol I always skip when you say hello to everyone but I imagine that if I was in the livechat I would be excited to get a hello from you so I get it but no.

Mel D: You got me! You seriously made me laugh when you talked about a chiseled lawyer. I’m an attorney and definitely love my makeup. I’m not saying I go to work with cut crease, glittered to the nines looks. But, I think it’s so important to be yourself in any career. Nothing wrong with a somewhat glam attorney on your side!

Romarie: You are so lovable! ☺☺☺

Ok....and I'm editing this. Adding on because now you're talking about the people who have the wrong assumptions about you being "stuck up" or a "know it all". I think that's a CERTAIN KIND of person. I recently found your channel because I saw or heard somewhere about you having some knowledge about the new Morphe foundation and the ingredients. I watched the video. (I in fact, used a little clip of it AND credited you of course! in one of my videos) It was the first one I'd ever seen of yours. This is how I perceived you to be. A person who LIKES to know facts and if she doesn't know them -she likes to seek them out -and SHARE what she knows with whoever will benefit most from that knowledge (in this case the beauty community). I see nothing wrong with people who LIKE to learn and in turn LIKE to teach. This is how I see you - I don't see stuck up or any of that other nonsense at all. I think it's people who are lazy and can't or won't be bothered to know or want to know facts. I'm happy I found your channel. It's helpful to me and so many people Jen....and gosh I hope you don't think I've stepped on your toes with my little channel. I'm branching off a little differently. Your news seems to be more product related and while I do share some of that - I'm mostly focused on the YouTube beauty community WITHOUT the drama and nonsense. IF you feel like I'm a toe stepper AT ALL.....please tell me. Okay, I've rambled enough. I hope we're off on the right foot. I enjoy you, your channel and what you do Jen. As for the "bad stuff" out there - ignore it - they're MORONS. ❤

Kelly W: On you not responding to all comments, we all understand! You can’t do everything at once. I just came here to say thank you to the collective brain. A couple of weeks ago I was able to watch the live chat for the first time. It was great. Thank you to the collective brain for sending me directly to the Juvia’s place website after me commenting that shipping can be quite expensive to Australia if you only want to try one or two things. I commented that I wanted to try Juvia’s place and am placing my first order with them tonight!

Jennifer Lyons: I love relaxing after a 12-hour shift with my girl Jen (on replay)....Sometimes it's the little things that make my day! Thanks, Jen.
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LIVE CHAT - Chit Chat Get Ready With Me!