Game That Plays Itself With Dragons Dragon Village 2

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Game that Plays Itself with Dragons ►  Dragon Village 2
Game that Plays Itself with Dragons ► Dragon Village 2
Quickest Way to Level Up Dragons in DRAGON VILLAGE 2 BEYOND BORDERS
Quickest Way to Level Up Dragons in DRAGON VILLAGE 2 BEYOND BORDERS
Dragon Village 2 - Android Gameplay [Full HD]
Dragon Village 2 - Android Gameplay [Full HD]
Train and Battle Dragons in DRAGON VILLAGE 2
Train and Battle Dragons in DRAGON VILLAGE 2
Dragon village 2 gameplay
Dragon village 2 gameplay

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rose puff: Nice job! I hope you play this again soon, there's lots of new content!

Also, you know that window that popped up when you first opened the game? You select your server with that. Unfortunately I'm on the opposite server than you :(

Trial: Sorry but this was not a good review you have to play the game more and actually put time into the game it gets better as it goes on

Taekyung Yang: I play the game too, can i add you as a friend?

Hanz Uy: how do you awaken the dragon mine is on level 50

Ardent: U should trash those dragons and get new ones like 4 star dragons.

Trash Rat: How do you summon a dragon, I've tried looking it up but it shows nothing.

I know you need DV1, but when I get that dragon to level 20 and try to transfer it to DV2, it says: You can send eggs to DV2 if you didn't set a nickname, but it's required to set up a nickname in order to actually play. I'm really confused.

Brandon Thomason: I can't seem to get onto my account or log in!

Meowie: 4:35 u were close that is a Black Dragon

Meowie: 4:04 that is an Orpheus Dragon lol im smart
sry if spam

Meowie: 2:31 that is a Red Wyvern 3:01 that is a Balloon Dragon

Hello There: jay you can delete your dragon , go to shop go to etc and buy assencion of dragon , and if you already buy it ,go to cave and go to bag icon go to etc and use assencion of dragon and select what dragon you want to delete

RafaelDragonDV2 MLP: the TCG was super difficult project for highbrow to make.....since TCG is here the plan is to hit the other tamer.If the tamer loses all of the health u win.

RafaelDragonDV2 MLP: Now we have dragon village saga and dragon village TCG ONLY ON ANDROID OR IOS (btw saga is just kinda like cartoon wars

Kevin Ly: Well, I don't know if this is normal but... Is it normal for a person to instantly get lvl 50s in 1 day? (That's the highest)
Well also... How did you get that much gems? I really need to get some so I can unlock a new slot, Yes I can ascend them and waste 2500 Coins on doing that but... I feel... Cruel sometimes for some reason? And I keep regretting that, Though the word ascend means take off, which means the dragon will go flying somewhere but I still feel it.

Jose Mendes: Portugues melhores ingleses fdps

Cornel Sugiharto: Will you still making dragon village vid ? =)

Sylmel Morris: well it is out on the ipad, ios, and phone

Jung Park: Thanks for the awesome review!  My name is Jung Park from Highbrow Inc.  We posted your youtube video on our Facebook page:)  Will you be interested in reviewing Dragon Village TCG?

Gumbottle010: wow damn you put sooo much effort into this game, a 2* dragon is the best you can do for an actual review?

CanadianJournalist: Play fish with attitude or dragon friends

Game that Plays Itself with Dragons ► Dragon Village 2 5 out of 5

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Game that Plays Itself with Dragons ►  Dragon Village 2