Bases 18 Sentient Fluid Session Four

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Frank v.d. Kommer: Thank you Miles for bringing this story ! I watched it from te first one to the last one and see the guy change, from a shy bloke that became a victim of the 'unknown worlds' and had only questions, to a confident man that was able to explain to us all how things stick together. I'm amazed by all the new (and positive) insights about the Black Goo.

Orlando Productions: The celestial being made of "stars" with the big hammer is a constellation being, which is yet unknown to humanity. "He" appears during experiences of great distress, when called upon. Just as we have the 12 Zodiac signs, constructed as formations of stars - the celestial being made of stars with the big hammer, is a constellation being.

Friend & love: It sounds like we are all being targeted as lab rats.
I say NO!

xamo: The most informative video in universe!Thanks Milles!Thanks Alistair!!!

The three-eyed Prophet: please dont put pressure on ur eyes people...

MsVanorak: When medical practitioners tell you that your MRI is fine..........  I had one done in 1992 and they said it was fine but when I thought to ask to see them some time later they said they were destroyed after a certain length of time.  Surely not.  I had a head MRI in 2014 and my head has been broken somewhere before my memories begin. I have pieces of loose bone inside my head.  So this all begins at birth. It is your legal right to see your medical records and that includes the results of MRI's.  There may be a small charge for them to put them on a CD but I would urge Alistair to get the scans.  They never admit to implants.

Christopher Shepherd: how do you put a line through your text so it looks like it's been crossed out

kosnow11: Other than the horrible interviewing skills in the previous 3-sessions, this - overall, was actually super insightful. I think that he was previously one of the "mechanistic" people, as he refers to in the close, and thus hasn't had time to articulate and relate this experiences with more well known ideas. This fact alone is what is so very interesting and compelling about his story and experience, as his insight was the result OF experience rather than experience dictated by what was "known." I'm even more inclined to believe him based simply on the completely disjointed line of questioning which obviously detracts from the watchability, but would also be much more difficult to answer if the story was simply fabricated.

DieByMyHand1: This video should be used to show people a mentally ill psychopath. All the clues are there - the dead, soulless eyes, the non stop stream of fantasy stories with absolutely no evidence whatsoever, the criminal offences and the time spent in prison - when will you cretins ever learn?

Ce Drapack: Thanks Matt, I loved the special shot of Julie <3 :)

Danny Fujikawa: Wow I've never heard anyone else talk about the tunneling geometric designs with the pressure on your eyes trick. I discovered that when I was a little kid. Super trip. It takes a lot of pressure though and some patience so you gotta be able to withstand the discomfort.

GINA MICHELLE HOLLIN: Or to put ur consciousness into a clones like they've been doing...look up Donald Marshal HERE ON U TUBE, Also look up tr3b those r the triangle ships which are ours. Makes me think they r running milabs on him, Which r not just the fallen angels...its humans also.

Stephane fyfe: at 21;37 it is probly plasma waves. look up keshe foundation...

eye-of-wisdom: ha ha ha,   super beings choose to be dumb ass soldiers,, the most highly evolved? highly retarded more like,  morons from outer space, arse-hole catchers LMAO... ... ...

bud jones: i see scuttlers all the time

NATURAL SPIRIT: soul catcher like what John Leer had said is on the moon a machine.

MsVanorak: 25.22 that is on the Beyoncé video All The Single Ladies.

MsVanorak: 19.09 those are scalar waves - I get them over my vision occasionally.

le chat: Well done Alistair. Thank you for sharing all your information.

Peter May: Nothing like have a set of drawing which you can use to build the "Spermulizer" lol!
Bases 18 Sentient Fluid Session Four 5 out of 5

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Bases 18 Sentient Fluid Session Four