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GRWM BOOM Honest Review Recommended for you
GRWM BOOM Honest Review Recommended for you
BOOM by Cindy Joseph an honest review
BOOM by Cindy Joseph an honest review
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BOOM by Cindy Joseph review

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Barbara Kreutzer: Sandra, did you use your divine cream first before you used the boom sticks?

Sarah Fernandez: If you started applying the makeup from a bare face, it would be more helpful. You already had on eye makeup at the very least and so it was hard to tell how much of a difference the Boom sticks made.

wlhardy: Even though I'm on a tight budget, I splurged for Christmas and ordered myself the 3 BOOM sticks, have been toying w/the idea for a year, finally decided to take the plunge, looking forward to using them, I've heard nothing but good things. Didn't know Cindy had passed away until recently, sorry to hear it.

Kendriana Speaks: OMG I had no idea she passed, please disregard my last comment.

Paula Laye: Hey Sandra Cindy couldn't possibly be happier with your positive review tonight, and you're looking sooo preety as ever paula in UK xxx

victoria & Johnny rodriguez: You look fantstic!

Marlene Robinson: Hallo Sandra. I ordered the mask and I'm looking forward on using it. I don't normally make comments over the net. However I just have to say that you are a

Marlene Robinson: Just found out the lady's name. Sorry Sandra that I didn't do my homework. But now I know.

Marlene Robinson: Thank you. (The lady over 60) loved your demonstration. Also love your attitude about life. I think I'm going to order the cleanser/mask. Because you tried it and liked it. Thanks

Cindy Wetzig: Where do I find the link for the 10% off boom that the words ran across the video while I watched?

Mindy De Britos: You always look great no matter what you wear...I am glad you do enjoy your life...

Cat Nap: Hello  Sandra.   You have a beautiful complexion. Have you had laser resurfacing or skin peels? Any cosmetic work at all?  I would also be interested to know what skin care routine you follow.  Did you prep your skin prior to  this demo as it looked like you had eye shadow product and mascara.  Just curious.  I was a little worried about the jar which had and exfoliant, does it have hard granules in it or is it purely a cream cleanser? Did you have a tinted moisturiser on and was there any under eye concealer? You also looked like you had lip colour on as well before you started. You don't look like you need any makeup at all.  Thank you.

jtamsmom5: Thank you for saying this is more of a no makeup type of makeup. You look wonderful

Liz's Wake Up With Make Up: I'd never heard of this till today, I will investigate and hopefully these products can be shipped to the UK
Great video

Life Over Sixty With Sandra: MaryEllen I had read about her, too, and when my oldest daughter ordered Boom she sent me a 10% off coupon. Since I am usually only a lips and eye makeup person Boom really interested me. So far I do love it...soft, easy to apply and no chemicals. The Boom Sticks are really handy and I think will be great for travel. Thanks for all your nice comments. I hope you had a good Memorial weekend. Warm wishes your way. Sandra

MaryEllen After 60: I've heard of BOOM, and Cindy Joseph, but haven't heard a review until now. It really looks beautiful on you, Sandra. Many blessings..MaryEllen

Life Over Sixty With Sandra: Rachael & Leah Thanks for the nice comment. You two are adorable and funny and seem to be having fun in your videos! Great to join the YouTube community.
GRWM BOOM Honest Review Recommended for you 5 out of 5

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GRWM BOOM Honest Review Recommended for you