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Mad Max: Привет, а где покупал устройство для расклейки модулей?
Lil Madara: my update is taking all day...
WILBER LOPEZ: me interesa 1 caja para jugar con mis amigos, cuanto cuesta con envio a pereira, estare pendiente de mensaje
Mizuxo: Understandably people would be mad about the display but technically it is more or less for vr so youre not really gonna be using the screen too often whilst in vr, main reason i got one.
Gina Flores: Who else got this recommended years later?
killa skateboards: Nice! I have been using the schumann at 7.83hz running with powered orgonite and tensor technology and building home harmonizers to lessen the effects of EMF and to heal. I had one test positive for successfully running rife frequencies for anxiety into the field of some tensor tools which the subject sat in and experienced relief. There were 3 frequencies to run one after the other, she only made halfway through the duration of the second and her anxiety was gone. I have been seeking to either build my own or purchase pulsers to incorporate into my builds. Something in the way of battery powered, rechargeable but have next to no knowledge of constructing circuits. I have been teaching myself to braze in order to construct tensor tools. This part is beyond me at the moment, would love to try to get you to build me something small i could possible incorporate into pocket oscillators, nice video. Moving on to the other parts and checking your website out. Thank you.
Danika: Прикольное видео! Не могла оторваться!