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Laurence Shlachter: Thanks so much. I kept doing it wrong before I watched this video and you solved my issue in less than a minute. The other tech support sites were saying to hold down the bluetooth button for 3 seconds to pair. That never worked. The quick press and release of the bluetooth button did the trick on the first attempt.
Cergei Vyshedko: честно охуели
Ольга Шутова: Чудесный сад.Вы волшебница.
alfredo lopez: i hate alcohol period especially Denature alcohol" that is the bad alcohol" Clinique Aveda have alcohol in there toners.....
Wendy G Kennedy: I worked at the Haunted Mortuary from 2009 until 2014. Those were great times.
Игорь Перун: У меня такая версия
muskndusk: I'm thinking of buying one of these primarily for typing (because of the cherry browns). Can the backlight be turned off? They would just distract me.