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Crabby Hayes: Our industry has routinely used photogrammetry, employing retro-reflective targets and fixtures, calibrated lenses, with dedicated software, to confirm as-built dimensions to within a few thousandths of an inch for pressure vessel components. Although laser scanning is gaining wider acceptance, photogrammetry is still a quite effective and accurate methodology in some applications.
Lawrence Sanderson: Zeds dead. Right on
Jim Whitaker: Thanks, it's been years since I did this and I have a water cooler failing and couldn't remember how to do this :-)
Nick: does anyone know what radio is fitted on the car?
crazychiilango: THANKS U HOOMIIE IT WORK
SnaPsTeR: Nehmt mal bitte Kommentatoren die Ahnung vom Poker haben der Bluff auf die 3er war Top
MATIAS IGNACIO DIDAK: Hola Amigo. Esos Stanton Dj Pro 1000 Estan Muy Buenos Amigo y Donde Puedo Comprar Esos Auriculares ?