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Greataardvark: Sanded down the slide of a regular one very finely after a chemical strip, then left the frame grey/black. Took a long time but it was a good quality finish.
DOPE daily: Совсем не кальянная атмосфера. Работать ещё и работать
Ganonmustdie2: Well this battle definitely shows that you're not leaving Macedon in the ashes. More like you marched them into Rome, conquered it, and left them there to take care of things, lol.
BzRazor: turn off you're TV before recording a video..
VarzaG: why didnt you show us starting the game? bcus its not working.. simple!
Debra Boaze: heard Megan recorded someone talking of it................she is such a snake in the grass. Bet she tried to black mail him for some of what he maybe gave to the alleged affair and i heard just a kiss.
pаparazzio: КАКОЙ СПЛАВ АЛЮМИНИЯ у рамы?