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Blade Show Stategies
Blade Show Stategies
Blade Show 2018 Superfans!
Blade Show 2018 Superfans!
2018 BLADE Show Scores and Recap
2018 BLADE Show Scores and Recap
Blade SHOW 2018
Blade SHOW 2018
BRS at Blade Show 2018!  Booth #241
BRS at Blade Show 2018! Booth #241

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Stompnu Customs: cool blade video man.

Talan: Good luck!

Anderdale2: Man I wish I was going. Have a good time!

barry levitt: Great strategy and planning. Your videos are among the best organized and presented. Looking forward to your next video.

Alex Gonzalez: Name the knife/knives you want to let go and I’d be happy to buy them you have good taste

slidetek: At least a couple of the makers I know said they're planning on "spreading the wealth" and will put knives out each day. I've got a friend going - he's going to be trying to pick knives up for a few people. I gave him a very brief list. I've been fortunate enough to have gotten some knives made that will be waiting for me there, a few others right after blade. Have a great time!

Priority Survival: Those are some solid strategies! I'm looking forward to meet up with a bunch of people at Blade Show!

Troy Wheatley: Oh btw... be sure to go see David Meyers knives.... Effenberk Knives, youll dig em :)

Troy Wheatley: Going after anything in particular?

Troy Wheatley: Have a GREAT time B ! Look forward to hearing all about your time there

Darin Evans: Good luck with getting those grails. Have fun.

E G: Looking forward to seeing your coverage of the show. Always love your videos.

Blade Banter: Nice had some great interviews last year. Do you need to be set up as media? If you haven't I think Birdshot IV are listed as "Media" this year, but not sure the advantages.

NJO: Have fun out there. Can’t make it this year myself. 2019 for sure. Can’t wait to see your videos.

Alex Gonzalez: You have the best knife collection on YouTube my opinion. Very nice work, would you be interested in letting a knife or 2 go?

Steve Kluver: Enjoy the Show!
I look forward to seeing what you find.

In a show situation like that. How are knives usually paid for? Credit card?

Gavin Reddig: How much do you usually bring to the show?

Gavin Reddig: Hope to see ya there
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Nathan P: hey man i just uploaded a vid on my channel about the falken wildpeaks you can check it out if you want .
Niklaus: ur such a liddle wiener robert. i love u and nice video.
Hot J: good energy
John Connor: Your car looks freaking awesome with that red interior. I also have a berlina ap1 with red/black interior and same headlights. I removed softtop on mine and installed the club racer rear cover from 09 model. Looks much better. Also I have oem hardtop. Looks like a coupe now. I recommend a hardtop for u. Nice car bro
PFA Bogdan Cotet-Magurean: Hi. How can I decrease the picture resolution/quality to save some space?
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Emily Tsui: You have no idea how glad I am to see someone (in my age range) doing an Ipsy tutorial. I'm in my forties and I'm not opting to look younger or more hip but rather youthful and radiant. Skincare is so important and what I'm trying to teach my own daughter.

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